Population problem of bangladesh

However, adequate investment and policy attention to these crucial populations in both the United States and internationally is still lacking. Of all the expanding cities, Dhaka, the national capital and the principal seat of culture, had made the most gains in population, growing fromin to 3.

Population Problem Of Bangladesh Essay

They are just having a terrible time. Over population creates a lot of hazards and a number of problems. They become self-centered, selfish, and liar.

Population Challenges for Bangladesh in the Coming Decades

Moreover about two million new babies are born every year. In addition, those have no ability to provide any space for living; they spend their days on streets. The projection shows that the population is likely to grow up to million aroundand stabilise at million byeven if replacement level fertility is achieved by the year For example, in a family, as much as the family members are there, the maintenance cost also differs according to the number of the members.

Some orthodox people opine that to adopt family planning measure is a sinful act. The resulting policy challenges of how to support increasing numbers of retirees while maintaining productive economies have already arrived in the Bangladesh as well as in many developing countries.

If we think about it in deeper level, we can find many causes of over population. For that reason, there is great food deficiency in the country. All these problems eventually lead to a general problem named poverty. The migrants and receiving countries benefit, but the home countries are left with labor shortages.

The population of our country is increasing at an alarming rate. With the industrial revolution came advances in agriculture and industry that gave way to individual families being able to afford more children.

If population of Bangladesh is increasing by this rate, the population of Bangladesh will be about 32 crore within 20 years. The rural people do not know about the family planning.

It creates educational problem too. Therefore, we can understand that over population only creates problems after problems.

The earning rate per head was like just about us dollar. Men and women have very similar life expectancies at To remove this problem, the lesson of self reliance is particularly needed for us.

Custom of Early Marriage: No improvement is possible unless this problem is solved. All the people have to be firmly committed to birth control and grow more food at the same time. Population in Bangladesh is increasing by geometrical progression.

Over the past four decades, concern with the problem of overpopulation has spread around the country but none of the family planning programmes have matched the proportions of the problem,unlike China with their one-child maxiwebagadir.com addition to those born in Bangladesh, number of people travel into this country illegally looking for their.

Population Problem in Bangladesh

Introduction: Population problem, like energy crisis, is one of the most talked of topics of the world these maxiwebagadir.com is the burning question of maxiwebagadir.com the world has a population of about seven hundred crores. The population of the world is increasing day by day.

It is creating many problems. Though Bangladesh has the highest population density in the world (at 2, persons per square mile), the population density in the slums was roughly times greater, atpersons per square mile.

The Bangladesh population in mid was around million. The precise figure depends on assumptions about rates of growth since the adjusted census figure of , for 22 January The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) indicates an average rate of natural increase of % annually since the census.

Population Problem Of Bangladesh Essay

The Population Problem of Bangladesh is alarming. The impact of over population is so grievous and pathetic that there is no way other than solving the problem instantly. The Problem Of Population Control Words | 5 Pages. Population Control Are there really methods of population control? Population control, the speechless facts of existence of the ’s and ’s, was the catchphrase of the ’s and ’s.

Population problem of bangladesh
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Population Challenges for Bangladesh in the Coming Decades