Levendary cafe case

Harvard Business Review, December When working with Chen. Foster was ready for this conversation. This need of personalizing they had in the US was like the needs they have got in China.

But the reality is that no senior executive has visited China since Howard officiated at the opening ceremony for the Pudong store a year ago. Real estate, finance and accounting, legal, purchasing, and information systems all reported to an Executive Vice President EVP of Administration.

The second option might be closing all the Chinese-like restaurants and replacing them with restaurants, which assume an American concept. The bill of fare has to be adapted for the Chinese manner of nutrient. This paper will exemplify the recommended solutions for the direction of….

Learning and Growth Aspect is also already set up in america with their internal school called Operating Tools and Learning. ForceAssessmentRatingRivalryMany companies offer the similar items and the competition is usually fiercer.

The company gave up the standardization service model that means speed of service and order accuracy, and emphasize personalization in service. Franchising proved to be a successful model in the U.

Case Study_lavendary Cafe

As a matter of fact, Howard Leventhal, the original owner of the group, had initially entertained the idea of entering into such an arrangement. The question in Foster's mind was whether he could transition to become a professional manager.

Wine was served, reservations were accepted, and a minute wait for a table was not uncommon. What exactly are its economics. Moreover, Levendarys domestic business had become matured and was nearly tapped out, and it only had international business in Dubai, so that its recent entry into the fast-growing China market was closely watched.

The ground that China is still considered a communist state is because of the limited political freedom that its citizens receive. Moreover, how to standardize the operations in China and confront with Louis Chen is also crucial affair.

Internal Processes Sizing in america they have down to a knowledge and if they supported the China procedures things would quickly improve.


One being the reporting process from China back again to the US. Location is also associated with distributions. This sort of need justifies the changes they designed to their menus in a variety of locations and to the looks of the stores.

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Levendary Cafe The China Challenge Case Solution Just weeks into her new job, Mia Foster, a first time CEO with no international management experience, is faced with a major challenge at Levendary Caf, a $10 billion US-based fast food chain.

To what extent could Levendary Cafe ‘front end’ controls in future international market entries, so that some of the problems it encountered with Louis Chen can be avoided?

8. From this analysis, what recommendations would you make to Mia Foster on the issues she raises at the end of the case? Case Summary Levendary Café is a publically traded. franchised trade name of about 3. shops in the United States that is spread outing into China.

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Levendary Cafe Case

Case Study: Hard Rock Cafe - Florence Challenge Case Study: Hard Rock Cafe - Florence Challenge Hard Rock Cafe is an international restaurant franchise with a strong internal culture and external brand, and it recruits individuals that fit this unique culture.

The company has been going through rigorous changes to keep up with the strong performance track record. However, the distinction of the profiles and management approach of the two Coos was obviously noticed by the subordinates.

Levendary cafe case
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