2 page book report on holes

Kissin' Kate is killed by a yellow-spotted lizard and indicates that the treasure is buried in the dried-up lake bed. His nickname Trout comes from his foot fungus that causes his feet to smell like dead fish. Derrick Dunne admitted that Stanley was getting his notebook out of the toilet at school at the very time that Clyde Liv-ingston's sneakers were stolen.

Stanley was not really surprised when he was arrested; he believed it was just more bad luck. Names also demonstrate irony -- Camp Green Lake is not actually a camp, it's located in a desert, and there is no lake. Stanley is a good-natured, kind, middle-school student who is ridiculed by classmates because he is overweight.

While walking home, a pair of old sneakers "fell out of the sky" and hit him on the head. Armpit never gets the happily ever after. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

Because Zero's files cannot be found they had been destroyed at the Warden's instructions, so that she would not have to explain why he was missingZero leaves with Stanley. Stanley and Zero find a suitcase that has the name Stanley Yelnats on it. Each of these elements in Holes mirror elements frequently found in fairy tales.

However, a much older pig farmer named Igor Barkov also wants to marry her, offering Myra's father his heaviest pig in exchange for Myra's hand in marriage.

Minor characters[ edit ] Mr. Now, Armpit nicknamed for a wasp bite on his armpit is still digging holes, but now he's getting paid for it, working for a landscaper in his hometown of Austin, TX.

A book report on the book “Holes” by Louis Sachar Essay Sample

Stanley's lawyer and the Texas Attorney General show up. Stanley believes that he has been unjustly accused of stealing the sneakers because of his "no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather. Yelnats is Stanley's mother.

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When Stanley becomes friends with Zero, however, X-Ray's system is threatened and he becomes hostile towards Stanley.

Sir tells him that digging the holes will build character and that he is not at a Girl Scout Camp. Stanley and the other boys at the camp are forced to dig large holes in the dirt every day.

He is known to have survived by climbing to the top of a thumb-shaped mountain God's Thumb which happens to be Sam's old onion field. Stanley knows that the Warden, who happens to be a descendent of Charles and Linda Walker, is interested in this find and he speculates that perhaps Kate Barlow used to live in the area.

It says five feet across, five feet deep and that their shovels are their measuring stick. There is an uproar in the town after Kate and Sam are seen kissing in an alley. If you have ever seen a shovel much like the kind used for gardening, then you already know how big the hole is because it is the same size.

He is realistic and world-wise, and even as Sachar keeps telling us that he has violent tendancies what sent him to Camp Green Lake in the first place we keep seeing his gentle side.

Stanley eventually realizes that they are digging these holes because the Warden is searching for something. This causes generations of bad luck to trickle down the Yelnats family tree.

The Warden is forced to sell Green Lake to "a national organization dedicated to the well-being of young girls", which turns it into a Girl Scout camp.

Unfortunately, only Stanley's parents believe he is innocent. It is, however, quite a good book on its own. Zero watches him write and reveals to Stanley that he cannot read or write.

Morengo, to get Stanley out of Camp Green Lake. He lacks an education, meaning he cannot really read nor write. Elya marries and has a child in America and always thinks about Madame Zeroni, who he believes has cursed him because of his failure to fulfill his promise.

She wears nail polish traced with rattlesnake venom, and scratches those who displease or go against what she says. After initially refusing, Stanley obliges, and the Warden is excited by the discovery.

It is a quieter book. The Warden, from the book Holes, is related to Charles and Linda Walker. We are told that the Warden is a direct descendant of those two.

The story of Charles/Trout Walker is a bit convoluted. Holes: The Book Stanley Yelnats is under a curse. A curse that began with his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather and has since followed generations of Yelnatses.

Holes Book Summary Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List Sachar writes the humorous plot of Holes in a straightforward manner; however, he weaves into the plot three subplots.

Transcript of Holes Book Report. Exposition In the beginning of the book "Holes" by Louis Sachar. Stanley the main character in the book has gotten himself in some trouble, by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It all started when Stanley was coming home from school, when a pair of Clyde Livingstone shoes fell off the side of the.

Holes - Book Report essaysHoles, written by the excellent author, Louis Sachar, is an adventure and mystery book with a humorous touch. The story takes place mainly at the hot and humid Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention facility where there is no lake, and no happy campers.

In place of what used. Holes is a young adult mystery comedy novel written by Louis Sachar and first published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The book centers around an unlucky teenage boy named Stanley Yelnats, who is sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile corrections facility .

2 page book report on holes
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